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Hipster, Hipster, Read All About It

August 23, 2012

There’s a reputation linked to West Hollywood. First off, let’s get serious and call it by its real name- WeHo. Second, think about the places you visit when you’re there. Hopefully, eclectic shops and one-of-a-kind restaurants with the hippest of hip music comes to mind.

A few weeks back an old friend messaged me and said he and his girlfriend had launched a vintage clothing company in LA. They asked if I’d wear a few pieces so they could snap some pics for their online shop, Electric Gypsy Owl. I, of course, said yes.

The shoot was in a quaint little neighborhood nestled in the aforementioned WeHo district. If the location didn’t get me in the mood for vintage flavor, the cool music that these two had playing did. CocoRosie, anyone?

Wearing the pieces was an adventure in and of itself. They were as different from each other as the designers who made them and I give mad props to the brilliant eye of shop owner, Susy Tavares. It’s her keen affinity for old-threads and schnazzy beading that helps her find the most unique ensembles.

You can see more clothing by searching Electric Gypsy Owl on eBay later this month.


Sweets for Summertime

August 17, 2012

indie typography

This summer is about to wrap up but before we put a stop to beach days, shorts and lemonade, lets give it one last playlist before we roll into fall. Summer is about doing the same things we do during every other season but for some reason, we’re all a little more apt to enjoy Saturdays spent outside and welcome trips to Disneyland. This playlist has nothing to do with vacations or Disneyland but you might find a beat or two that you can take with you to either.


Stay Close – Delorean

Without You – Rainbow Arabia

There’s Nothing In The Water We Can’t Fight – Cloud Control

This Time – David’s Lyre

Get Up – Jonquil

Cold War – The Morning Benders

Yet Again – Grizzly Bear

Because I’m a Capricorn

August 9, 2012


I had a brief conversation with a woman dressed in all black a few weeks ago. I commented that I too am guilty of wearing the one consuming shade. She blamed it on the fact that she was a Capricorn.

Right then, it made sense.

I’m gonna go ahead and blame my sign the next time someone asks why I feel the need to be practical and prudent and a lover of black on black.

What’s your sign and what are you chalking up to your birth date?

The Day I Met My Mantra

April 23, 2012

This past weekend I went to Big Bear, California for the first time. I’ve grown up visiting lakes in Arizona but unfortunately, there aren’t houses near the water so this was my first experience sleeping in the great oudoors dock-side.

At one point, I went into the woods for yoga and meditation. If you’ve never meditated, I’m here to tell you- go try. No matter what spiritual background, it’s good for the soul and I’m a walking testament that it helped me see the forest from the trees. No pun intended.

Thanks to my weekend serenity, I am a little calmer, a little happier and a lot more inspired to look at the world and my experiences through a lens of optimism and compassion. It all starts with ourselves. One of my favorite takeaways was the idea that all human beings are united by an urge for happiness.

I’m thinking India should be next.

West Coast Ride

April 13, 2012
Last weekend was a whirl.

It went something like Phoenix for a hot second, San Diego for the weekend, Los Angeles for a night and Las Vegas for 2-days. A little work, a little pleasure. Photos above show the sweet spots. Note: That’s not a Skinnygirl I’m sipping. I asked for a lemonade and ended up with a mocktail. Since I don’t drink a waiter in Phoenix said he’d have the barrista whip me up something that resembled the beverages at my table. And he did.

Did you notice the blue? If you have the opportunity to get an ice cream cone that matches your nail polish- do.

Then & Now

March 17, 2012

britnee johnson

It’s official. I’ve spread my wings and landed in Los Angeles, California. Please excuse the blogging absence. In my defense, I’ve been really, really busy updating life’s moments on my other go-to social platforms. Eh, hem Twitter and Instagram. Having said that, I have a renewed effort to jump back into writing more than 140-characters, just for you.

Today marks my first 2-months of a move that I prefer to call a good ‘ol fashion adventure. It was on this day in January that I had packed up the ruby red Corolla and headed west. Fast forward to now, two moves later, and I’m happy to say that I never underestimate the power of traffic, parking meters or public signs. It’s not that I want to highlight the negative but I have discovered that LA isn’t nearly as friendly as other cities. If people honk, make gestures or get out of their car to confront, I’ve learned there’s no need to take it personally. I can happily keep driving and focus on the fact that I’m not the crazy one.

As for positives, there are plenty. Good people and the beach. Remind me to tell you about my LA Galaxy experience. Excitement really started when David Beckham hit the field. Lucky Posh Spice.

Did you catch the ‘now’ pic of me waiting to do laundry like a real LA person does? It seems a washer and dryer in a unit are hard to come by, which means I’ve gotten really good at patiently waiting for the mom’s in my complex to run their family’s loads. Emphasis on patiently. To my own mom, you’d be proud.

So here’s to more timely updates mostly consisting of Camera+ snaps and FYI tidbits about life on the coast. Prepare yourself for food-recommendation overload and pretty pictures of the sky when the sun hits it just right.

Dress the Part

November 15, 2011

Sometimes I wish we ladies still dressed ourselves in gowns that had trains like wedding dresses. Sure, we probably wouldn’t fit in our economy cars or sit well in our little dinner chairs but it’d make for an arguably classy night out. I crave the one-on-one in fluffy femininity.

Don’t you?